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2019 STIDA
Registration Form

Works of concept should be published during 2018.7 to 2019.7; works of product should be in the market during 2017.7 to 2019.7
Please download the registration form and fill in the blanks according to the requirements, and send to the secretariat of STIDA organizing committee:

Your registration number is 000076   04month 26day2019        
Information of the area:
Province: City:
Information of participants:
Designer’s name: Date of birth: Educational attainment: Gender:M F
Designer’s name: Date of birth: Educational attainment: Gender:M F
Designer’s name: Date of birth: Educational attainment: Gender:M F
Cellphone number:   Office telephone:   fax:
Company:   Its official website:
  Personal e-mail:
Your work belongs to:
Work of product      Work of concept
Please read carefully about the following categories and choose the proper one. The final judges have the right to adjust its category.
The name of your work:
Time of design:
An introduction of your work: (200 words)
4.Technical parameters:
6.Functions and what kind problems it can solve:
7.Design characteristics (name only 3 aspects, each of which is one sentence):

Note: The above introduction will be printed on the product and the website as the product introduction once your work is awarded.
1.Download the letter of commitment from the official website, and send the letter with your signature and seal on it to the secretariat’s email:
2.Please attach not more than 3 pictures of your work from different angles, size: 960px*720px,≤2MB,JPG或GIF,A4 horizontal or vertical printing. The picture should be clear, professional and visually powerful, showing different situations where the product is being used from different angles. It will help publicize the work after awarding. Please note the number on the right corner of the registration letter and send to the secretariat’s email:
3.Works of product listed in the final evaluation should:
  (1) offer an actual product (you can replace it with a model if the product is oversize or overweight)
  (2) please try to offer a 30-second video (.FLV and note the registration number) to show the work’s appearance and functions for the evaluation. Also please offer a 3D work link and QR code to introduce the internal mechanism of the product (please read the introduction in, and note the registration number in the 3D work link and QR code), and send to the email The above materials are all for the judges to evaluate.

       Note: works cannot meet the requirements (1) (2) will be listed in the works of concept.
Designer’s signature:
Verification code:
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