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Letter of Participants’Committment to STIDA
I have fully understood and agreed to accept the Design Solicitation Scheme for STIDA. I make the following commitment to the organizers (Federation of Taiwan Industries, Sichuan Federation of Industrial Economics):

1. I guarantee that my entries for STIDA  belong to my (or unit’s) original work which have an independent and complete copyright and relevant intellectual property and never get involved in any third party’s rights disputes. I ( or unit ) shall be responsible for their authenticity and legality. If the entires violate the third party’s rights or lead to any economic and reputation loss to the organizers due to my faultred, the organizers shall have right to require me to take timely remedy measures and to bear the corresponding legal responsibility including (but not confined to) a full refund of the award, apology in the press, compensation for all economic losses to the organizers.
 2  Submission of my (or unit’s ) entries shall be deemed to allow the organizers to use them according to the rules of the Award, including (but not confined to) publishing and transmission online.
3. Without the consent of the organizers, Iall the materials about the entries shall not be disclosed to the third party and shall be kept confidential.

4. I guarantee that this letter of commitment be authentic, legal and valid. I volunteer to abide by fulfil the commitment and other relevant regulations of the Award. If I violate the relevant rules in the letter of commitment and lead to any economic loss or reputation damage to the organizers, I shall corresponding legal liability and the organizers shall reserve the right to disqualify my entry.
5. The letter of commitment shall come into force upon the date of signature by participants.
6. The final interpretation of the Letter of Committment shall be reserved by the organizers.

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