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Awards history

I. Award Origin
In May 2010, during the visit of a delegation headed by Liu Qibao, Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee, in Taiwan for activity exchange, the Federation of Taiwan Industries and Sichuan Federation of Industrial Economics signed the Cooperation Agreement, one item of which is to jointly hold Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards to promote the communication and development in industrial design of Sichuan and Taiwan and to deepen the cooperation between them. The Agreement has laid a good foundation for Sichuan-Taiwan further exchange and cooperation in industrial design domain and growth in industrial design industry of Sichuan Province with the aid of the advanced experiences from Taiwan. In the same year, Sichuan Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology submitted the Report on Accelerating the Development of Industrial Design in Sichuan, including to develop Tianfu Formosa Industrial Design Grand Prix events, inluding the plan of carrying out Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards. Secretary Qibao and Governor Jufeng approved of vigorously promoting industrial design work to advance industrial upgrading and achieve economic prosperity.

II. Previous Award Review
In December 13, 2010, with the joint efforts of Sichuan Federation of Industrial Economics and the Federation of Taiwan Industries, the First Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards started. During 9 months it lasted, there were more than 1600 pieces collection of industrial design work not only from Taiwan and 28 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in China Mainland but also from such foreign countries as Italy, France, Spain and South Korea, covering more than 10 major industrial sectors. Each award was selected carefully from the collected work by judges through an authoritative and just process. 
After the completion of the final selection, the Organizing Committee also held the matchmaking exposition, the industrial design forum and the awards ceremony. A great many representatives of corporations attended the exposition and showed great interest in joint production. The representatives from Israel, Denmark and China gave a speech in the industrial design forum expressing good wishes to the Award. The award ceremony was carrying on in the song-and-dance performance with ethnic characteristics of Sichuan. Part of the winners attended the award ceremony. Among them, Chengdu IDing Design won the Special Recognition Award for its MT.S1 portable detector. Over 30 media took part in the Award, playing a positive role in the success of this event.

STIDA 2012 conducts a comprehensive innovation by strengthening product originality and placing focus on further expanding influence, internationalization and industrialization. Additionally, the Award adds an industrial design fair so enhancing in industry interaction, oriented proposition design, industrial design transition to financial support as well as public participation. To develop and tap adolescents with potential, an extra award of Future Star will be involved. Various forms of supporting activities will be carried out to enrich the Award, including industrial design fair, industrial design forum, award ceremony and work exhibition etc.. 

III. In 2013, the 3th Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards was themed by "Brand • Industrial Design". Through 8-month effort from April to December, it was a big success. The award has completely implemented the overall plan made in the beginning of the year, held a high-level "industrial design and brand symposium", award ceremony and design show, and realize the goal of establishing an international high-level platform for industrial design communication.

This award set its prizes by classification of work collection, including commercial and industrial products, communicative tools, computer equipment, environment, furniture, interactive products, leisure, medical and scientific products, clothing, transportation, service design, art, tourist souvenir and so on. We created the evaluation standard and procedure with the international evaluation rules, and invited ten prestigious experts from America, Germany, Italy, French, Taiwan and the mainland as our judges.

Work Collection and Evaluation:

There are all together 2006 pieces of work, up by 15% over last year, including  1340 from Sichuan Province, 554 from other provinces of the mainland, 104 from Taiwan, and 8 from foreign countries. At last, 135 pieces of work got in the last round of evaluation, including 103 from the mainland, 26 from Taiwan, and 6 from foreign countries. 

Before the opening of this symposium, Vice-Governor Liu Jie, with Vice-Mayor of Chengdu Gou Zhengli, met all the prestigious guests home and abroad. Liu Jie pointed that, although STIDA has been held for three times, we still should make greater efforts to make it one of the most significant events worldwide. The government will further promote the STIDA in financial support and other aspects to improve the industrial design sense and level of Sichuan Province.

IV. 2014 STIDA Procedure
1. Application for STIDA
2. News conference (Chengdu)
3. Work show
4. Training for provincial designers and "excellent engineers"
5. First round of evaluation. Announce entry list.
6. Final round of evaluation. Announce awards list.
7. Industrial design and brand symposium.
8. Innovative product trade fair (city design show).

V. 2015 STIDA Procedure
1. Application for STIDA   May 6-Sep 20th
2. Lectures and salons
3. First round evaluation. Announce entry list. October
4. Final round of evaluation. Announce awards list, November 24th
5. Industrial design and brand symposium,  November 25th, 26 th(AM) 
6. Awarding Ceremony, November 26th (PM)
7. Innovative product trade fair, November 27-29th

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