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2021 STIDA Work Collection Notification
Collection date: April 16-Sep.30, 2021

I. Competition Requirements 
STIDA( Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards) calls for global-orientedindustrial design works and designers in eight categories. (Designers are welcome to participate in the product and designexhibition) Those works that have not won prizes in previous competitions canstill compete if they meet the requirements of this year's competition.

Judges or organizers have the right to change the categories of entriessubmitted. Products must be on the market between July2019 and July 2021.
Conceptual works should be published between July 2020and July 2021.

All participants must warrant that their entry is an independent work oftheir own work.. The same work can only be declared by one participant orgroup. Previous award-winning works of this competition are not allowed tocompete again. No more than five signatures shall be allowed for theco-authored works.


1. Equipmentmanufacturing  

•Mining, shipping, oil and gas drilling and production, marine, waterconservancy, high-speed rail, rail transit and other engineering equipment andequipment;
•Construction machinery and infrastructure equipment;
•Basic parts of major technical equipment;
•Environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resource;

•Civil aircraft, ships, automobiles, internal and external parts oflocomotives, industrial vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and othertransportation equipment;
•Industrial tools and moulds.

2. Consumer Goods 

Home appliances, furniture, indoor lighting, bathroom, kitchen appliances,doors and Windows, intelligent life control devices and systems

3. RuralRevitalization Design

Agricultural machinery and tools and auxiliary apparatus;
Agricultural products, food and beverage processing machinery, packagingmachinery and equipment and tools

4. Healthy Life Products


5. Landscaping, Tourist Goods, Industrial Heritage Souvenirs

•Landscape, mascot, landmark, environment, town design;
•Space and interior and display design;
•Logo and packaging design;
•Arts and crafts for sports and tourism;

6. Student Designs

Junior college student /Undergraduate Student Projects / Graduate StudentProjects
Before logging in to upload your entry, be sure to review categories andsubcategories and choose the most appropriate for your entry.

7. Drinking Vessel Design   

8. Electronic Information Products

Signal acquisition and input/output equipment,Peripherals
Communication products /Audio-Visual products
Navigation devices
Key equipment of integrated circuit
Electronic components/ Special production equipment for electronic information
Mechanical and Electrical products for electronic information( CNC system, equipmentand functional components, such as CNC machine tools, robots, UAVs, etc)
Electronic biomedical and rehabilitation equipment;
Personal intelligent wearable products.


III. Evaluation Criteria 
1. Innovation: judging from three aspects: design, experience and manufacture.
2. Benefits of users: Considerations include performance, comfort, security,ease of use, usability, user interface, human-computer interaction, universalfunction, accessibility, quality of life, affordability.
3. Responsibility: Benefiting society, environment, culture and economy, morepeople can acquire, reduce diseases, improve competitiveness, increase wealth,improve quality of life, support cultural diversification, improve energyefficiency, durability, and involve the impact of product life cycle on theenvironment. All products use materials and processes with little impact on theenvironment throughout the product life cycle, and facilitate repair./Reuse/recyclability, detoxification, material saving, waste utilization, etc.
4. Enterprise customer revenue: Several aspects of evaluation includeprofitability, growth of sales, impact on brand reputation, and incentive toemployees' work spirit.
5. Possibility of realization.
6. Visual attraction and appropriate aesthetics.

IV. Review Procedure 
Preliminary evaluation: 80% of products and 20% of concepts are listed in thegeneral evaluation. 
Online Selection: Each group of judges scored the works online according to theabove scoring methods. From high score to low score, the top 8 people inconcept group and 32 people in product group entered on-site centralizedevaluation. 
On-the-spot evaluation: Each group of judges scored the entries on the spotaccording to the above scoring methods. From high score to low score, theconcept group was ranked as the top 3 finalists in each category, and theproduct group was ranked as the top 15 finalists in each category. 
General comment: In the first round of evaluation, after the judges study theelectronic documents, physical objects (or models) and videos of the selectedworks on the spot, they recommend the works of no more than 30% (1/3) of eachcategory in real name to enter the second round of evaluation. Summarize thenumber of votes for all the works recommended by the judges and list themaccording to the number of votes. 
In the second round of evaluation, each judges selected 1-2 categories ofworks, summarized the selected categories of works according to the number ofvotes, and classified the gold, silver and copper award-winning works accordingto the award settings. 
On the basis of evaluating the prize works for each category, one of the prizewinners will be selected by the general evaluation group by voting for approvalby no less than two-thirds of the members. 
The results of the general evaluation shall be filled in the selection form ofthe awarded works and signed by the general committee. The voting results andstatistical data of the above-mentioned members shall be sealed and filed, andshall be notarized by Chengdu Law and Government Notary Office of SichuanProvince.

V. Registration Procedure 
From  April 16, 2021 works will besubmitted on for the first round of evaluation. 
1. Please login to, and fill in thecomplete registration form. 
2. Participants copy  the entry commitment form,,  scan after signature and send itby mail. 
3. Please attach not more than 3 pictures of your work from different angles,size: 960px*720px,≤2MB,JPG或GIF,A4horizontal or vertical printing. The picture should be clear, professional andvisually powerful, showing different situations where the product is being usedfrom different angles. It will help publicize the work after awarding. Pleasenote the number on the right corner of the registration letter and send to thesecretariat’s email: 

VI. Selection process 
Preliminary and General Judges of the Organizing Committee of theCompetition 
1. Notaries will, as in the past, supervise the evaluation process on the spot,publish information promptly, accept public supervision, and respond to theconsultation of participants and the public. 
2. Organizers, staff and immediate relatives of the contest are not allowed toparticipate in the contest. 
3. No one shall maliciously disclose the entries or participants'information. 
4. Designer, designer's name and designer's name are not allowed to appearanywhere in the drawings or documents. Those who fail to comply with this rulewill be disqualified immediately. Exceptions are made if the brand name or logoof the manufacturer or customer is an integral part of the product.
5. Preliminary evaluation: After online scoring, on-site centralized scoring,select the finalists. 
6. General Comment: For a short-listed product category, a 30-second video(format: FLV) and a product object (or model) showing the functional effect of thework must be provided. For a very large product, only video can be provided forthe general review, and for the preliminary evaluation stage, as far aspossible. If the general evaluation cannot be provided as required, it willaffect the evaluation. Please provide the above request to the designated placeand mailbox before November 1: 

(1) The object (or model) of the work should be sent to 13th floor, Desheng Building, 82North Third Street, Gulou, Chengdu, Sichuan

Contact person: Mr.Liu Rui 135 5019 2334.

(2) The 30 seconds video (format: FLV) showing thefunctional effect of the work is sent to  secretariat (please name the video with the published entry number). Contac tperson: Mr.Liu Rui 135 5019 2334

The general judges will judge on the s pot and decide on eight  categories of gold,silver, copper and special award winners. In addition, the judges can start anyother awards after comprehensive evaluation according to various needs. 

7. For entries in the general evaluation of products, 30 seconds are requiredto submit their appearance functions, effect videos (please name the video namewith the published entries number, format: FLV) and links to display 3D worksof works to send to the designated e-mail box. Note: The 3D model of the workis edited by the official partner of STIDA ( to publish, packageand annotate the work. Art Specification:( 
(1) Format, upload. FBX suffix file (before deleting useless points, lines,surfaces, empty objects and auxiliary lines, virtual objects, reference, CADdrawings, etc.). 
(2) Works less than 50M (model, material, texture, animation data total), youcan directly use the free account.
 (3) The texture format of the work: *. jpg *. png, the size of thetexture: power of 2 (128 256 512 1024...). When storing, the texture qualityshould be set to the best resolution of 72 pixels/inch (it is recommended notto exceed 1024). 
(4) Material format of the work: only the standard material of 3D software issupported, and the material type is Blinn or Phong.
(5) UV Specification of Works: According to the actual needs of mapping, themodel can be allocated two sets of UV. The first set of UV is used for surfacetexture mapping, the second set of UV is used for baking Complete Map (completemapping), Lighting Map (light mapping), AOMap (ambient light masking mapping);UV must be flattened, and UV incisions should be placed in concealment, andcontinuous UV blocks should be used as far as possible. 

VII. Awards and bonuses 

Total eight categories of award settings:

1.Equipment manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Rural RevitalizationDesign, Healthy Life Products, Drinking Vessel Design, ElectronicInformation Products,

One gold medal in each category, with a prize of 80,000 yuan per personplus certificates plus trophies; There are 2 silver medals in each category.The prize is 40,000 yuan/name+certificate+trophy. Three bronze prizes in eachcategory, with a prize of 20,000 yuan per person plus certificates plustrophies 

2.Landscaping, TouristGoods, Industrial Heritage Souvenirs

One gold medal in each category, with a prize of 20,000 yuan per personplus certificates plus trophies; There are 2 silver medals in each category.The prize is 15,000 yuan/name + certificate + trophy. Three bronze prizes ineach category, with a prize of 5,000 yuan per person plus certificates plustrophies 

3. Future stars: 4 gold medals,10,000 yuan prize / Name +certificate + trophy,8  silver medals, 5,000 yuan per person, certificatesand trophies 12 bronze prizes,3000 yuan / Name + certificate + trophy 

Note: If the entries fail to win the prize, they will be awarded a certificateof excellence. The time limit for the award of prize-winning works shall beautomatically waived if the prize is not received within 3 months from the dateof publication of the official website of the competition.

VIII. Contact information 
For any questions about STIDA( Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards), pleasecontact: 
Ms. Liu Rui,Tel: 028-86710137 135 5019 2334
Address: 13th floor, Desheng Building, 82 North Third Street, Gulou, Chengdu,Sichuan.

IX. Disclaimer 
All decisions of the judges and sponsors are final. The Organizing Committee ofSTIDA (Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards) does not guarantee the numberand type of STIDA awards awarded each year. All the data submitted with theaward application will naturally become the property of STIDA (Sichuan-TaiwanIndustrial Design Awards) or the composition of its archives. Supplementaryselection materials and product samples delivered by finalists are temporarilykept by the Organizing Committee of STIDA (Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial DesignAwards). When you submit your entries, you will automatically agree to allowSTIDA  (Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards) and any other partygranted the right to publish any submitted materials. The application materialsare in the public eye and can not be kept confidential. 
Participants in this design contest must ensure that the entries do notinfringe upon the intellectual property rights of others. The OrganizingCommittee of STIDA (Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards) shall notintervene in any disputes and shall be exempted from all disputes concerningintellectual property rights. 
Please note that the organizer of STIDA  (Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial DesignAwards) will not be responsible for any damage to the items or materials duringtransportation. To this end, participants are invited to ensure that they buyinsurance for their works, especially for the risks of theft, fire, damage ordamage. 

X. Declarations of Authorization 
All entries and exhibitions shall be granted unlimited rights to the STIDA(Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards) Organizing Committee, its sponsors,third-party vendors and agents to publish, display and use the names, audio,photographs, logos, or other symbols of the design works submitted to theentries and exhibitions in any media without additional permission or return,and Similar things of designers can be used to publicize and promote thisdesign competition and other related purposes.

XI. Attention 
All submissions will not be returned. Please leave your own manuscript. Thisaward is free of registration fee or evaluation fee, but the special decorationfee for transportation and exhibition must be borne by the participants themselves,and the standard booth is free of charge. The award-winning works will bedisplayed at for a long time after they are unveiled at the awardceremony. 
The Organizing Committee of STIDA (Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards) hasthe right of final interpretation of all activities of the Competition.Warning: Any act of intentionally destroying STIDA (Sichuan-Taiwan IndustrialDesign Awards) or any website related to the design competition, and any act ofintentionally destroying the legitimate operation of the design competition,will be regarded as a crime and illegal, and will result in thedisqualification of the competition. Once such an event occurs, the sponsorwill have the right to claim the maximum amount of damages permitted by law,including lawyer's and criminal costs.

XII. Privacy 
All personal information collected by the Organizing Committee of STIDA(Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards) and the organizers will be used forthis design competition. Any privacy issues will be referred to the competitionsecretariat. Please follow the statement on the privacy policy of the organizeron website to learn about the organizer's initiatives incollecting, using and publishing personal information.


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