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Where is the Industrial Design Awards Heading for?

April 19, 2018 STIDA Design & Brand

    If you ask what is biggest change of the launching ceremony of 2018 “Sunbird Cup”Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards, the answer is new overall arrangementof collecting categories home and abroad. Compared with other industrial designcompetitions in China, 2018 STIDA does not set its categories as electronics, furniture,and so on. The new arrangement is the result of a deep study of "Made in China2025" plan and industrial features in Sichuan Province, which means itopens a gate for the equipment manufacturing industry.

  2018 STIDA washosted by Sichuan Economic and Information Commission, and supported by manyrelated authorities including Chengdu Economic and Information Commission. Itemphasized innovation in industrial design, and set foot in the area ofequipment manufacturing industry.

  2018 STIDAcollect works in the following fields:

Railway, newenergy vehicles, aircraft, transportation equipment

New-generationinformation technology

Energy-savingand environmental protection equipment

Commercial andIndustrial Products

Medical andscientific equipment

CNC machinetools and robots

AgriculturalMachinery and Food Equipment

Oil and gas drillingand marine engineering equipment

Interaction anddigital design

Home, bathroomand kitchen

Packaging and logo

Students’ design

Arts and craftstourism (including cultural and creative products in cities and scenery spots)

Industrialsoftware APP, etc


  This means the organizingcommittee will fully explore the potential development of entity enterprises inSichuan Province. The theme of 2018 STIDA: Entity Opportunity, Design Ecology,Artificial Intelligence. As Gu Hongsong, the deputy director of SCEIC, said inhis speech during the launching ceremony of 2018 Stida, “Innovation is key to development,and is the strategic support to build the modern economic system. Made in China2025 clearly stated that it is necessary to improve innovation and designcapabilities, foster a group of professional and open-minded industrial designcompanies, and stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of innovative design of theentire society. The optimization and upgrading of industrial structure opens upa new horizon for industrial design. The rapid development of informationtechnology and artificial intelligence technology has also clearly pointed outthe main direction of industrial design. Green, environmental, and low-carbonecological civilization construction expand new fields for industrial design. We can say that the industrial design industry has a huge space for developmentand has a lot of potential.”

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