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Focus on Entity Opportunity—Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards was Launched

Covercn, 13:37 April 15, 2018

Covercn (reporter Bai Lan)

  On April 13, the 2018 "SunbirdCup" STIDA was launched in Chengdu with the theme of "EntityOpportunity • Design Ecology • Artificial Intelligence". It is under theguidance of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and theSichuan Provincial People's Government, and sponsored by the Sichuan ProvincialFederation of Industrial Economics and the CNFI.

  Gu Hongsong, the deputy director of SichuanProvincial Economic and Information Committee, pointed out that STIDA has beenheld since 2011 and this is the eighth year. It gradually becomes an importantcontent of cooperation between Sichuan and Taiwan, has become a name card forSichuan's industrial design.

  Taking innovation as the starting point, thecategory is closer to the characteristics of Sichuan's industry

  “Innovation iskey to development, and is the strategic support to build the modern economicsystem. Made in China 2025 clearly stated that it is necessary to improveinnovation and design capabilities, foster a group of professional and open-mindedindustrial design companies, and stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of innovativedesign of the entire society.” As Gu Hongsong, the deputy director of SCEIC,said in his speech during the launching ceremony of 2018 Stida, Theoptimization and upgrading of industrial structure opens up a new horizon forindustrial design. The rapid development of information technology andartificial intelligence technology has also clearly pointed out the maindirection of industrial design. Green, environmental, and low-carbon ecologicalcivilization construction expand new fields for industrial design. We can saythat the industrial design industry has a huge space for development and has alot of potential.”


  The reporter learned that one of the mostintuitive innovations in this contest was to reorganize the categories of worksby adding industrial software APP, new energy vehicles, a new generation ofinformation technology, energy saving and environmental protection equipment,CNC machine tools and robots, interaction and digital design and othercategories which highlight the key areas of development in manufacturing,informatization, and new formats, and are closer to industrial characteristics inSichuan.

  Focus on Entity Opportunities, EstablishSichuan-Taiwan Exchange and Cooperation Platform

According to Gu Hongsong, the deputy directorof Sichuan Economic and Information Commission, this competition places greateremphasis on the transformation of industrial design results.

  Qiu Biying, the deputy secretary-general ofCNFI, gave us a set of figures: In 2011, there were only 1,600 entries, and by2017 the number reached 4,451. Among them, there were 2,509 works in Sichuanlast year, 187 works in Taiwan, and 47 works overseas. “It can be seen thatthis activity has attracted a great attention and recognition from all walks oflife and has been an international competition. It also symbolizes the concreteimplementation of the 'cooperation between Sichuan and Taiwan' at theindustrial design level.” Qiu Biying told the reporter.

  ZhangJun, the deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office, said thatthe competition established a high-quality platform for design exchanges andcooperation between Sichuan and Taiwan, and interpreted Sichuan’s profoundhistory and culture, excellent industrial foundations, industrial conditionsand a complete industrial chain. It also shows that Sichuan is full ofdevelopment and prospects, and has provided tremendous support for Made inChina 2025 Sichuan operation.

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