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One Way to Bring More Benefit for the Forbidden City and Leshan Giant Buddha

April16, 2018 Xiang Yi from STIDA Design & Brand


Fromthe editor:

   China owns so many remarkable scenery spotsall over the country. However, how can cultural and creative products meet theneed of all the tourists? LKK Company explored a new way to make cultural andcreative products, and proved it to be a success in the Forbidden City, LeshanGiant Buddha, and Hangzhou Handcraft Exhibition Hall. The new explorationbrought more benefit for the above scenery spots. Li Ranzhi shared his designcase on cultural and creative products at the launching ceremony of 2018 “SunbirdCup” STIDA. Li Ranzhi, the general-manager of LKK, has graduated from theIndustrial Design Department of Auburn University, USA.


I.The design of cultural and creative products can help the return of entity andraise the portion of producer service

    It is not easy to make cultural and creative products, and every Chinese takes theresponsibility to disseminate our culture. This is what people in industrialdesign should do. The design of cultural and creative products can help thereturn of entity, realize the real value of design, and effectively raise theportion of producer service.


II.New cultural and creative products create methodology

    The core of cultural and creative products is consist of four parts, namely “come”,“understand”, “feel” and “take away”. The four parts carry different contents,and the whole procedure need creativity including marketing, promoting,branding, space, experience and the products. Every culture has specificelement, therefore, the first step is to pick up proper element to pleasemodern people, especially the 90s and 00s. The second step is to tell storiesthrough cultural and creative products. By telling the stories behind theculture, people will notice the value of our culture. The third step is torepresent our historic cultural products in the right situation. The audiencemay show their respect through experiencing the historical atmosphere. Theforth step is to make people have fun while purchasing cultural and creativeproducts.


III.The practice of cultural and creative products in Leshan Giant Buddha sceneryspot.

    Located between Chengdu and Emei, Leshan is the perfect place for people who come fromChengdu and set for Emei. They usually spent half day playing in Leshan. Andthe local authority hopes the scenery spot can tell its own story and attractmore tourists. Through discussion, LKK turns the grass which is left after theBuddha renovation into Buddha paper and print Buddhist texts on it. Throughconsecration by the abbot, it becomes an exquisite gift when put in the amuletbags. This has become a great success during the 2018 Spring Festival, andhelps the sale of other products.


IV.The cultural gifts in the Forbidden City—for the 90s.

 More and more state-level cultural centerspay attention to the promotion of culture. The Forbidden City set a goodexample. LKK created all the signage system and exclusive cultural product forthe Forbidden City. Meawhile, the Forbidden City also put forward its culturalpromotion through TV program, such as the documentary called Masters inForbidden City. According to related data, we are surprised to find out thetruth that 80% of the audience is the 90s (people who are born after 1990).This is what we should focus on when making cultural and creative products


V.The benefit of Hangzhou Handcraft Exhibition Hall increased by 20 times

    LKK helps the overall upgrading of Hangzhou Handcraft Exhibition Hall throughfunctional space division, creating experience zone, masters’ workshop andfashion catering, which raised its annual benefit from 700,000 yuan to13,640,000 yuan. That is the value of good design.


VI.For the outsiders: Do you know LKK?

    LKKwas founded in 2004, and awarded as the state-level industrial design center byMIIT. Through 14-year development, LKK now owns 25 companies over the worldwith Beijing LKK as its group headquarter.

    LKK always explores the frontier of design, from the first ARVR in China to thesmart logistics robot for Ali, from the vehicle interface of Audi A8 and BMW 7series to C919 air control system, and from the package design of DoveChocolate and Lay’s to the design of Maotai as the celebration wine for BeijingOlympics. LKK continue to realize the value of design for its clients and ourcountry through constant innovation.


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