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Cultural and Innovative Product Design--No.3 Design Requirements & Production Docking Salon

 Yang Mengxin from STIDA Design and Brand


  Introduction: The third design requirements & production docking salon of 2018 “Sunbird Cup” STIDA was held in Chengdu Cultural Highlands (Shaochengshijing Cultural Innovation Park), where two design tasks have been launched, which are tourist cultural and innovative product with bamboo element, and tea packaging design with future fashion sense.


  On the afternoon of July 26th, the third design requirements & production docking salon of 2018 “Sunbird Cup” STIDA was held in Chengdu Cultural Highlands (Shaochengshijing Cultural Innovation Park). Guided by Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, supported by SCEIC, and organized by SCFIE and CNFI, this activity focuses on industrial design competition, and is one of the important events to promote the development of producer services industry.


Wang Zengbin, the director of producer services department of SCEIC, attended this activity


  Wang Yunhong, the general-secretary of SCFIE, mentioned in his opening speech, “The design requirements & production docking salon organized by the committee of STIDA offers a great service platform with demonstration effects, which will promote results transformation and the investment attraction of the industrial design park. For example, in Anhui Province, more than 40 docking meetings were held within one year. Accompanied by policy support, more than 80 design companies home and abroad have been introduced. Also in this way, Hebei Province successfully attracted internationally renowned companies to undertake product design with its annual financial support of RMB 500 million .”


  Zhou Xinhai, the director of Sichuan Industrial Design Association, announced the two design tasks:

  1. A set of tourist cultural and innovative product with bamboo elements according to the scenery spot “bamboo sea in the south of Sichuan Province”. As a kind of gift, the product must be practical and cultural, which means the designers should consider the cost and quality as well.

  2. A set of tea packaging design for young people who pursue fast fashion with future sense. This set includes little tea packages of black tea, green tea and white tea, each of which can contain 30g of tea. The designers are required to skip the traditional design thinking of tea culture, and add future technological elements into their products.


    Sharing from design companies:

        With the theme of “New Cultural Innovative Product Design under the Background of Cultural Exploration”, Huang Yujia, the chief inspector of Chengdu LKK, talked about LKK’s cultural innovative products and new cultural innovation.

        Liu Cheng, the general-manager of Wuyu Design defined the design concept of his company as “Just do it”, which means that the designer should follow his/her heart and focus on the direct presentation of the product.


  The organizing committee invited representatives from Chengdu LKK Co. LTD, Chengdu Wuyu Design, Chengdu Blackwheat Industrial Design, Chengdu NEWPLAN, Chengdu Ruishen Industrial Design, Chengdu IDING, Sichuan Hangtianyunwang Technology Co. LTD, Sichuan University of Culture and Arts, and Sichuan University of Media and Communications.

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