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Focusing on Medical Equipment - Design Requirements & Production Docking Salon was Held in Chengdu

Zhuang Lin from STIDA Design & Brand

    Introduction: The second docking salon of 2018 "Sunbird Cup" STIDA was held in Chengdu. Three design tasks were issued at the salon, which were household medical multi-functional inspection equipment, smart wearable equipment, and wheelchairs with emotions for the elderly.


    On the afternoon of June 29th, Zhou Xinhai, the director from Office of Sichuan Industrial Design Association, announced three design tasks at the Design Requirements & Production Docking Salon of 2018 "Sunbird Cup" STIDA held in the Service Center of Qingyang District, Chengdu.


Over 30 people from the enterprises, universities and design institutions attended the salon


Specific requirements of the three design tasks:

  1. Household medical multi-functional inspection equipment proposed by Sichuan Taiyou Medical Equipment Co. LTD: A multi-project inspection device that can be used by the whole family, and can get relevant physical indicators in time, which can be effectively transmitted to the hospital where they built their health file.

  2. Smart wearable equipment proposed by XOXOD Technology Co. LTD: A functional wearable device that allows users, communities, and hospitals to exchange information. Not only for the patients, but also for personal health management.

  3. Wheelchairs with emotions for the elderly proposed by Healson Technology Co. LTD: A wheelchair that is especially customized for the elderly, and the emotional expressions of the wheelchair is key to the design.

    Design Requirements & Production Docking Salon is one of the series of activities of 2018 "Sunbird Cup" STIDA. It aims to solve the design needs of the industry and build a high-quality public service platform for cooperation between enterprises, colleges and design institutions.


    This salon is the second event held after the last docking conference of furniture industry design demand. There will be three more salons to be held, and the next one will be a docking conference on plastic products.


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