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What’s the Weakness in Home Design?-- “Home Design & Innovative Thinking” Design-Production Docking Salon

Zhou Jingyi from Sichuan-Taiwan Design & Brand


    Co-hosted by CNFI and SCIEC, organized by Sichuan Industrial Design Association and Chengdu Xiangdihong Museum, “Home Design & Innovative Thinking” Design-Production Docking Salon was held in the Technology Building of Southwest Jiaotong University on May 11th. This is the first event after 2018 “Sunbird Cup” STIDA launching ceremony. Meanwhile, awarded works of 2017 STIDA was on the exhibition.

    “This is the third year of design-production docking, salon exchange, training and tour exhibitions carried out in Sichuan Province. This year we strive to innovate and focus on practicality, and provide business negotiation platforms for enterprises, designers and institutions.” Zhou Xinhai, the host of the salon and acting secretary general of Sichuan Industrial Design Association, said at the opening.

    Wang Yunhong, the Secretary-General of STIDA Organizing Committee and Secretary-General of  Sichuan Federation of Industrial Economics, said in his speech, “The ‘Sunbird Cup’ STIDA aims to focus on industrial design to elevate the proportion of the tertiary industry in Sichuan Province, promote the development of productive service industry, and impulse the development and progress of the entity industry through the exploration of industrial design. STIDA series events gained great support and affirmation by Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Commission. The government provides a high-quality service platform for enterprises to find innovative technology partners and to achieve results transformation and  win-win development through market methods. This is the purpose of the event.”

Secretary-General Wang Yunhong


    The event invited leading design companies in the industrial design industry and representatives of furniture manufacturers, including Chengdu Xiangdihong Museum, Chengdu LKK, NewPlan Design, IDING Design, and Ruishen Design. The invited company discussed two design requirements, which were New Chinese Style Living Room Furniture Series Design proposed by Xindu Xiangdi Furniture Company and Small American Style Living Room Furniture Series Design proposed by Chengdu Shengbeilong Furniture Company.


Zhang Sheng, representative of Chengdu Xiangdihong Museum

Liang Enliang, chief designer of Chengdu LKK


    The first event of the 2018 STIDA ended successfully, because it achieved the goal of “breaking the gap and connecting the three parties”. From the event agenda to personnel arrangement, it became the effective communication bridge between the market demand and the design community. We believe that everyone will have something to gain in this free communication .


    There are also some small problems existing in this successful attempt, such as how to make such activities bigger and more influential, and better achieve the goal of the series of activities.



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